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07946 218342

I cannot see any Testimonials on your website, why is that?


We follow and support our societies guidelines on this issue.


It is believed that testimonials are incompatible with the therapeutic relationship.

Do you use a webcam (ie Skype) or telephone

to conduct therapy?


We do not offer therapy by telephone or any other medium (such as Skype), we only offer face to face contact.


This is because face to face contact offers a more personal way of communicating, and we can get a more complete assessment of you during your session.


Also, other things need to be considered - such as what happens if the internet connection is lost during your session, or the phone service is poor? This might result in you being left part way through something emotional, or important, without the therapist being there. This could leave you emotionally vulnerable – something we take very seriously.


For these reasons Common Sense Counselling will not offer these methods for treatment.

How many sessions will I need?


This depends on the issues that you have, and will be discussed with you during your Free Initial Consultation.

Do I need a referral from my GP?


Many GP’s do refer clients to Common Sense Counselling. However, it is not essential that you need a GP referral to see us. Many clients come to us with a referral from a friend, or family member, or from their own initiative.


In regards to children


Parents often refer their own children to see us

What is the length of a session?


The length of a therapy session is 1 hour.


The Initial Consultation can take between ½ hour to 1 hour.


Please note that if your session exceeds the allotted time (always at the disgression of the therapist) there will be no extra charge. However, late arrivals will still finish at the allotted time.

When can I see you?


We offer appiontments during the day time, evenings and weekends - Please contact us to check for availablitity.