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These classes involve gentle exercise, breathing techniques and guided visualisations to relax the mind and release stress.

We also help you to learn how to be increasingly mindful

in your day to day life, which in turn helps

you to lower your stress levels.


The classes we offer are ideal for those who are starting to look to help them relax, to those who already use relaxation, meditation techniques, or mindfulness, but would

like the time and space to relax further.


The classes will grow and change with the participants as they improve and for this reason existing participants will also be given first refusal on attending the following courses.


Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.


The Executive



Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state. You experience something like it many times a day. If you have been absorbed in a book, daydreamed, or driven somewhere and arrived with no conscious memory of the journey, then you have been in a trance.

During a trance, the unconscious mind takes over for a while. The conscious mind does not go away.

Hypnotherapy for postive change

Relaxation Classes




Contact us learn how you can benefit from hypnotherapy.

During a Hypnotherapy session you remain in control of the situation and are aware of everything going on around you. Suggestions are given during Hypnotherapy to help you achieve positive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours to help you move forward in life.

Hypnotherapy is not mind-control, nor can you be made to do anything that you would not want to do.



Suffering from stress, phobia's or anxiety?

Having difficulty with weight control, smoking or self-esteem?